Welcome to BastionMC's Wiki!

NOTE: There might be typo's or other mistakes. A lot to cover! If anything is wrong please contact staff / Morphie so we can fix it ASAP ~ Morphie

We get it, we really do. You're tired of Minecraft aren't you? The endless server hopping. The pay to win "OP" servers, the endless amount of "networks" being set up by 12 year olds that are too invested in daddy's credit card, Minecraft really just doesn't feel like Minecraft anymore does it? Whoever you are, wherever you came from. Thank your lucky stars that you've found us because we're also tired of all the garbage, we too, miss the nostalgia of loading up your first singleplayer world back in inf dev, alpha, beta, whichever era you come from. Again, let me welcome you to Bastion MC where our motto is that we're the "Last Bastion in Gaming" and more specifically in Minecraft. We aim to offer you that old feeling of playing Minecraft in a community where players interact with one another on the basis of trust and friendship. While there is PvP, it's only there to enhance the feeling of survival and vanilla Minecraft. We aren't "insert ridiculous giant server name here" we're simply a small scale Survival Minecraft Server put together by people like you, who just want to play the game the way it was meant to be played. BastionMC is the final product of my 5 years of playing Minecraft. Everything that I've ever learned, experienced, or felt while playing this game has been poured into this server to give you the best possible playing experience we can create. Along with the help of Cbfstudios, another long time Minecraft player and fan, we've pooled our knowledge together to take all the best aspects of modded Minecraft and put the bits we enjoy, and we think you'll enjoy, into a server based in vanilla Minecraft. From our keyboards to yours, I present to you, player, Bastion MC... ~ Final

Ip: play.bastionmc.com | Website: http://www.bastionmc.com
All information on this page is for BastionMC and its community. Please do enjoy!


Lets start out with some FAQ's.

How do i get started?

This is vanilla survival with added plugins to make your mine craft experience the best it possibly can be. Climb your way up the ranking structure and become a top dog! Or build something amazing to show off to the community!

What ranks do you have?

For a list of all our ranks and what they do / get click here!~ - Ranks


Yes! For those of you who don't know. mcMMO is a plugin that allows you to level up certain skills in minecraft such as mining, fishing, archery, and more. As you continue to level up, you will receive certain perks while using this skill (like getting more ore when mining). For a more in depth of what Mcmmo is click here!~ - mcMMOWiki - GitHub

Can i afk?

Afking is allowed to a certain extent. If you are in question about afking please review our Rules on what and what not to do.

What!? Custom fishes!?

Thats right! Our server has a custom fishing plugin that allows you to catch, sell and complete tasks with the fish. Before you ask AFK fish farms are banned. Click here for our Fishy Page!

What about my base? How do i claim it!?

Our server utilizes the Grief Prevention plugin. (The gold shovel as better known) Do ./kit protection in game.


Topics with large amounts of information have separate pages. These can all be found below! If not below keep scrolling down :)

BMC Rules

Welcome to the offical rules channel; it will contain all written rules of the server and its connected programs. These rules are subject to change at any time.

Global rules

These rules apply to all connected programs, including but not limited to the ones listed individually below.

1: Staff's ruling is final.
2: Be respectful to all players, and do not cause problems.
3: No excessive swearing, spamming or overusing caps.
4: Use common sense.
5: Do not do a staff member's job if they are available to do it themselves.
6: Be a role model.
7: No ban evading (that includes using Discord).
8: Keep heavily opinionated and political arguments out of public chats.
9: No advertising of any kind.
10: English only in public chats. PM for other languages.
11: Report all bugs and exploitable features, and do not abuse them.
12: Don’t ask for staff.. Please…

Survival rules

1: No griefing or raiding. If you don't have permission from the owner, don't touch it. This includes farms. If it isn't marked as public, don't farm and replant.
2: No killing other players using game mechanics or death traps. (drowning, spleef, suffocation, etc)
3: Do not create lag using minecraft mechanics. This includes but is not limited to AFKing for many hours at a grinder, excessive redstone machinery, permanently loading chunks, massive amounts of entities, and so on.
4: No AFK farms that level up mcMMO or anti-AFK mechanisms.
5: No mods/hacks.
6: No Automatic fishers.
7: No profit shops of any kind.
8: No alting. (Having two or more accounts that are yours, on at the same time) They will be banned. This is not appeal-able.

Creative rules

1: No Offensive builds
2: Do not make fun of other players structures
3: No excessive redstone
4: Staff will not move your plots to be mergeable. Make sure you have the space.
5: Per rule 4 give players their space.

Discord rules

1: Use the channels for their intended purpose.
2: Do not troll, make annoying noises, or otherwise intentionally disrupt a voice chat.
4: No excessive pictures/memes in chat. (again there is channels for this)

PlugDj rules

1: No songs over 6 minutes in length without approval of other listeners.
2: No trolly, obscene or insulting songs.
3: Don't complain or say you don't like a song.


Voting is good for you and the server! Wait you're serious? Voting just isn't for us to get nice rewards and vote crates!? Yes young padawan. Voting helps the server grow! When you vote that adds points to the server on the server listings! What this means is a higher rank over all on the vote sites. More votes, higher rank , and more chance for people to see our server and join! Plus there is sooper c00l rewards too :-) (said rewards below)

You earn $500 each vote, there is 7 vote sites! *insert Mr. Krabs sound bite* "Money money money" But thats not all! There are chances to get extra prizes with your votes!
  • 1 in 50 chance of getting 10 diamonds.
  • 1 in 100 chance of getting triple the default rewards.
  • 1 in 500 chance on $20,000 in-game cash and 20 diamonds.
  • 1 in 1000 chance of getting an elytra and $30,000.
  • 1 in 2000 chance of getting a $10 store voucher.

And if you've got the first donor rank or higher, the chance of getting a luck reward doubles.

Vote sites:
  1. TopG
  2. Mc-Sl
  3. Mcs.org
  4. McF
  5. Pmc
  6. McI
  7. Mc-Mp

Happy Voting!


Discord allows you to voice chat with other players from our server. You can meet your friends there, talk in real time, and get to know them better. You can also have chat conversations with other players that are offline, so you can get messages across to people who play in different timezones. If you already know how to use Discord, you can connect to it here. Please keep in mind that using Discord (especially the voice chat) is completely your choice. Please do follow the BMC rules on any of our services.

How do i get discord?

You can download the desktop applications.

or you can download the free app on iOS and Android devices. Just search 'Discord' in your App Stores.

Live Map

Whats a 'live' map?

Well its like google maps, but instead of getting updated every few years its updated every few mins.

Our server utilizes the Dynamic Map plugin. Giving a live map of the entire over world! You can see your own builds or even where other people are on the server! Along with that you can get X Y Z Coordinates to a specific place on the map!
But yes there is a catch. The map only shows places people have explored! So get that journey kit ready and get to exploring! Also there is a neat little chat box in the left hand corner displaying server chat! (yes you can chat from the map)

You can view the Live map here - map.BastionMC.com


What in tar nation is 'welcomes' ?

Welcome's are like points. If a new player joins the server for the first time and you say welcome. You are granted 1 Welcome point.

What do the points do?

You can use the points in the 'Welcome Shop'. You can find the shop at ./spawn and look to the right.

The welcome shop consists of things like 2 cow spawn eggs or buy-able claim blocks. More things are soon to be added so keep an eye on it! To check how many welcomes you have, you can look in the welcome shop. (Bottom center) Or you can type ./welcomes in game.